Power Skate eBook

Power Skate eBook

We’re thrilled to announce Katy Jo West’s Power Skate eBook!

Whether you’ve been coached by Katy Jo (and wished you took notes to reference back to the skills and techniques she taught you) or you’ve been wanting to get in a private lesson with Katy Jo but are unable to because you’re not in her area…this is for you!

This is a guide for hockey players looking to improve and refine balance, control, power, and overall skating technique. These qualities will also improve speed, stability, stamina and efficiency during game play. Here’s a peek at the areas covered:


BONUS: Over 25 Video Links Included!

Not only is it packed with Katy Jo’s skills, drills and techniques, it includes links to variety of corresponding videos on each drill.


What’s stopping you from becoming a stronger, faster & more efficient skater? Grab your copy of Power Skate today!

Coming soon to Amazon Kindle!